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8 Telephony Innovations for Real Estate Agencies

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The Key to Success

Differentiate Yourself from Other Agencies

Differentiation with Clients

To remain competitive, real estate agencies must continually innovate to better serve their brokers and clients with faster response times. Driven to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues, real estate agencies must integrate advanced technologies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Why not offer more value-added services to serve the needs of customers who became more demanding?

Differentiation with Brokers

To attract the best brokers, real estate agencies devote a significant portion of their budget to advertising and sales support tools.

Why not differentiate yourself and take the lead? Consider modern communication tools to attract and retain the best real estate brokers.

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Which Telephony Platform Should You Sell?

Which Telephony Platform
Should You Sell?

Which telephony platform should you sell?

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Diversify to win.

You are probably already selling a well-known brand like Cisco BroadWorks or Avaya or Mitel and you have probably lost business opportunities because your price was too high or your competitor was able to turn around quickly and adapt their solution to meet the customer’s special needs.

You probably wished that you had another offering to beat your emerging competitors. There is no system that can meet all needs. The best strategy is “Diversify to Win”.

What if you can find a system that adds value to your current well-known brand while offering a standalone alternative when needed? It would be the best of both worlds: Enhance the features of your existing brand or replace it to compete against newer technologies.

Eggs in a basket

How to Select the Best Telephony Platform?

You should look for a platform that will enable you to develop longer, more profitable relationships with your customers that increase your profit margins. Here are the most important features to look for when shopping for a telephony platform to resell.

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Understanding the Accessible Canada Act and What it Means for You

Canadians live in a great country that helps its citizens when they need it. Health care is free and there are several programs to help Canadians get on their feet during tough times.

It only made sense for the Canadian Government to put into action the Accessible Canada Act.

The purpose of the Accessible Canada Act is to make Canada barrier-free for employees with disabilities by January 1, 2040.

Here are the act's principles and scope:


  • everyone must be treated with dignity
  • everyone must have the same opportunity to make for themselves the life they are able and wish to have
  • everyone must be able to participate fully and equally in society
  • everyone must have meaningful options and be free to make their own choices, with support if they desire
  • laws, policies, programs, services, and structures must take into account the ways that different kinds of barriers and discrimination intersect
  • persons with disabilities must be involved in the development and design of laws, policies, programs, services, and structures, and
  • accessibility standards and regulations must be made with the goal of achieving the highest level of accessibility


The Act applies to organizations under federal responsibility, including:

  • the Government of Canada, its departments, agencies and Crown corporations
  • parts of the private sector regulated by the Government of Canada such as:
    • banks
    • federal transportation network such as airlines, rail, road and marine transportation providers that cross provincial or international borders
    • broadcasting and telecommunications sectors
    • the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The act has already come to force on July 11, 2019 and requires every organization that has been mentioned to:

  • Prepare and publish accessibility plans
  • Set up a feedback process
  • Prepare and publish progress reports

You might already know that there are many tools that can help make the workplace more accessible. One of these tools is  Evatel. It helps workers with disabilities overcome the barriers they face when trying to use today's business communications and collaboration tools. Speech Mobility is providing its Evatel platform to resellers interested to address the needs of workers with disabilities and to position themselves to be a preferred provider of solutions to the government and large institutions. 
Click here to learn more on how your can use Evatel to make your products comply with the new Accessible Canada Act.

Evatel does many things to make business communications accessible to workers with disabilities:

  • People who are blind or with dexterity limitations can use voice commands to listen to their voicemail and emails, send and receive text messages, call contacts, check their calendar;
  • People who are blind or with dexterity limitations can use speech to change their phone status and call forwarding;
  • Deaf workers can read their voice messages as text using the voicemail transcription
  • The Web portal and mobile support voice over and text enlargement for blind and visually impaired workers;

If you think that it is time to do the right thing and make your solutions accessible for workers with disabilities, contact us.

woman standing near person in wheelchair near green grass field

happy new year

Happy New Year 2021

After going through this difficult year, we hope that you were able to rest and have some good time with your loved ones during the holiday season whether in presence or at a distance.

We wish you the best for this new year of hope that begins.

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2 lessons learned from 2020

The 2 lessons learned from 2020

Lesson 1: Let's be virtual.

Future is unpredictable. Let's be ready to work from anywhere without compromising our privacy.

For Canadians who were lucky to continue working in 2020, the majority favor flexible working, a mix between office life and telecommuting.

According to a study by Maru / Blue, nearly 25% of Canadians surveyed prefer office work, the other 25% work from home and the remaining half prefer a mix of 2. We notice that the biggest challenge of working from home is that of communication tools which must adapt to mobility needs. The telephone, the computer, the desk and chair and the virtual meetings.

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Happy Holidays! Speech Mobility

Phew! Finally 2020 ends. We hope you are well.

Phew! Finally 2020 ends. We hope you are well. This has been a tough year for many of us, we have had to show selflessness, sacrifice for the greater good and we have dealt with illness.

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FAQ - Evatel Resellers

All your FAQ Questions Answered.

1. What is the Evatel product?

Evatel is a cloud-based business phone system with a virtual assistant to manage communications intelligently and efficiently. Evatel offers a multitude of advanced features such as a unique number for phone calls, text messages and faxes; intelligent call filtering that redirects important calls to the requested employees and services and sends others back to voicemail; a mobile app to manage all office communications on the go; and several other unique features including a personal assistant offering voice commands to listen to messages and emails, check the calendar and call contacts and colleagues simply by name. The solution integrates with Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 messaging systems. Click Evatel Features to discover the many features of the Evatel system.

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The Top 10 Rules from the Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad that’ll Make You a Better Real Estate Agent

Robert Kiyosaki was raised by both his step father, a wealthy business owner, and his biological father who lived by every paycheck. In his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he provides an insight on how one way of thinking led to riches and the other to debt.

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The Best Places for Real Estate Around the World

The three most important rules of real estate are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

It is all about location ladies and gentleman.If you are not making real money in real estate where you are, it might be time to pack your bags and head over to one of the following locations in the United States:

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3 Tech Secrets Great Real Estate Agents Use!

The enemy of good is great - Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

We have been in the business of helping real estate agents boost their productivity for a while now and have learned many tips worth sharing along the way. If your goal is to be a good real estate agent, this is not for you.

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