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Refer Big, Earn Big

Give your friends smart, mobile, and safe communications, they will thank you for it. No amount limit - the bigger the customer, the bigger the reward. And it's hassle-free: easy registration, no initial investment, and no support costs.


Evatel is a cloud phone system powered by speech-enabled virtual assistant specifically designed to provide intelligent telephony and safe mobility. There are many good reasons why offering the Evatel multi-service, multi-tenant and multilingual services makes sense.

Customers Want More Productivity

Your subscribers are looking for ways to increase their productivity at the office and on the road. Evatel reduces unsolicited calls and helps users accomplish more tasks.

Workers Want Safer Mobility

People are looking for ways to reduce the risks of using smart phones while driving. Evatel provides safe, hands-free voice access to office communication tools while driving.

Corporate Image Matters

Companies want to enhance their corporate image and customer service. Evatel provides a first-class speech attendant inviting callers to simply say the name of the person or service they want to reach.

Everyone Wants to Save Money

Evatel can help your subscribers reduce their mobile phone expenses using the call-back function and Internet calling. This means more recurring revenues for you.

You Want to Differentiate Yourself

Offer innovative business communications featuring intelligent telephony and safe mobility. This will increase your competitiveness, help you retain and upsell existing customers and recruit new ones.

You Want to Grow Your Subscriber Base

Retain existing customers and recruit new ones who need the enhanced productivity and safe mobility provided with Evatel services. Your monthly recurring revenues will grow substantially.

You Want Flexible Partnership Plans

You can either buy Evatel licenses for your own service provider business, or resell fully operational Evatel services and share revenues, or refer customers and earn great rewards.


  • Register quickly and easily; the form only takes 2 minutes to fill out
  • If you’re a Speech Mobility customer it’s even easier, just sign in to your account
  • Receive an email with your referral link


  • Add your referral button to your website
  • Share your referral link by email and on social media
  • Refer your friends, customers, suppliers, partners...
  • Use the resources provided to you to refer more effectively


  •  Choose the model that makes sense for you. The first 3 paid months of your referral or 15% of their subscription fees for 36 months - no amount limit
  •  If you choose the 3 months option, get your reward when we receive your referral’s 4th monthly payment
  • If you’re a Speech Mobility customer, you can choose to receive account credit instead

How do I make a referral?

To refer customers, you need to invite them to signup to Evatel services using your referral link. The link was sent to you in the welcome email you received after registering. You can share this link via email or social media. We also sent you an HTML code that enables you to add a referral button to your website. Anyone who signs up to Evatel services by clicking on your referral link or referral button will be linked to you for possible rewards.


Are all referrals eligible?

To be eligible, your referral must be a new customer and not someone who used an Evatel free trial in the previous 3 months. However, your referral qualifies for a one-month free trial.

How much can I earn?

The beauty of the Speech Mobility Referral Program is that there is no limit to the amounts you can earn. If you choose the 3 months option, whatever amount your referral pays in subscription fees for their first 3 paid months is yours. If you choose the 15% for 36 months option, 15% of whatever amount of subscription fees your referral pays for 36 months is yours. That obviously excludes taxes and any equipment purchased, setup fees or long-distance charges.

When and how do I get paid?

If you choose the 3 months option, you become eligible for payment when we receive your referral’s 4th monthly payment. You will receive an electronic payment or, if you’re already a Speech Mobility customer, you can get an account credit. It’s your choice. Just let us know by email at . All payments are made in the same currency as your referral account.

Is the Speech Mobility Referral Program available in my country?

For now, the Speech Mobility Referral Program is available only in Canada and United States. This means that your referral must be in North America. All payments are made in the currency of your referral’s country.


Where can I get help?

You have access to resources and tools on the Speech Mobility Referral Program website at If you have questions, contact our team by email at or call us at +1 (514) 765-8490.




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