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Cloud Phone with Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Evatel is your cloud phone powered by a virtual assistant that gives you intelligent telephony and safe mobility. Its innovative features include one number for voice, fax and texting, smart call forwarding with filtering, voice access to messages while driving, mobile app to carry your office communications everywhere you go, easy Web interface to manage your communications, etc.


Independant business people are continuously looking for ways to better manage their business activities and protect their private lives. Studies show that successful professionals are focused on the following 4 important business aspects:

Your Customers Are Important.

Be more reachable and more responsive to your customers with Evatel’s smart call forwarding and single number for phone calls, texting and faxes. With mobile and hands-free voice access to your office phone functions, messaging and calendar, you can feel at your office "virtually everywhere". And with centralized call logs, your customer follow-up and billing have never been much easier.

Your Safety Is Important.

Enjoy unique mobility with unprecedented freedom of action. Use tablets, smartphones or the speech-enabled virtual assistant to access and manage your office communications from anywhere, even while driving. Evatel's hands-free, eyes-free speech interface will help you avoid unnecessary risks when you work and drive.

Your Money Is Important.

Reduce your telephone expenses with a single number for phone calls, texting and faxes.Enjoy additional savings on long distance and mobile charges thanks to Evatel’s innovative Internet telephony and call-back functions.

Your Time Is Important.

Let Evatel filter your calls and make you reachable to important customers without wasting your time on unsolicited ones. You will know who’s calling so you can decide to take the call or send it to voicemail. Dial contacts and colleagues by name and save time.


Connect with Evatel through your different communication devices.

Cloud Phone with Virtual Assistant

Efficient. Smart. Mobile. Safe

  • Intelligent Call Filtering and Forwarding
  • Single Number for Phone Calls, Faxes and Texting
  • Efficient Communications at the Office
  • Mobile Office Extension to Work Everywhere
  • Safe Voice Access to Messages, Emails and Calendar
  • Advanced Cloud Phone Features
  • Call and Text from Your Business Phone
  • Web Portal to Manage All Your Communications Everywhere

    Intelligent Call Filtering and Forwarding

    • Unique Smart Number for calls, faxes, and SMS
    • Personalized call forwarding using status profiles to be reached everywhere you want, when you want
    • Intelligent call filtering to get important calls only
    • Modify your call forwarding on the Web, mobile app, or using speech

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    Mobile Office Extension for Employees to Work Everywhere

    1. Make free internet calls on your office number
    2. Access your faxes with a single tap
    3. Access your voice messages with a single tap
    4. Send and receive text messages with your Smart Number
    5. Listen to recorded conversations on the fly
    6. Call history with option to call back
    7. Access your voice directory
    8. Direct access to your Virtual Assistant
    9. Manage your status and call forwarding

    Safe Voice Access to Messages, Emails and Calendar

    • Use speech to call contacts and colleagues safely while driving
    • Conveniently dial phone numbers hands-free from your car or office
    • Use the Call Back feature to save on long distance and wireless charges
    • Listen and manage your e-mails hands-free while on the road
    • Check your calendar and safely schedule meetings while driving using speech commands
    • Voice alerts to hear your text messages and reply hands-free

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    Web Portal to Easily Manage All Your Office Communications Everywhere

    1. Make free internet phone calls using your business number
    2. Manage your status and call forwarding
    3. Access your voice messages, texts, faxes, recorded conversations, call logs, and voice directory
    4. Schedule call reminders
    5. Access your account settings, including language, subscription details, contact import, and speech interface level
    6. Access user guides & tutorials to maximize your use of Evatel features


    Evatel is used in a variety of sectors by professionals who need to improve their customer service and increase their productivity.

    Real Estate Brokers

    Financial Advisors



    Insurance Brokers



    Easy account management on the Web

    New services activated instantly 

    Flexible subscription plans

    Dedicated support team to help you

    More features to increase your productivity

    •  IP Business Phone Line
    • Bilingual user interface (English & French)
    • Messages as email, on the web and mobile app
    • Call recording on-demand
    • Personalized caller greeting
    • Mobile App on Android, iOS and BlackBerry
    • Voicemail Transcription
    • Reminder calls for important events
    • Integration with Google and Microsoft
    • CRM Integration with Salesforce and Insightly


    • Business line with voice assistant
    • Calls, fax & SMS on same number
    • Keep your current number
    • Voicemail transcription
    • Hands-free voice access to messages
    • Voice Dial contacts by name
    • Mobile App for Android, iOS or BlackBerry
    • Call & Text from Web & Mobile App
    • Caller ID, call waiting, 3-way conference
    • Voicemail, SMS & faxes on Web, Mobile App
    • Intelligent Call Filtering
    • Voice access to emails & calendar
    • Easy Management on Web & Mobile App

    *Evatel services are offered by authorized resellers and service providers. Prices may vary.



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