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Mobile App for Real Estate Brokers: The Advantages

Technology has always been a loyal ally of real estate agents but it is necessary that real estate professionals are always kept up to date. In recent years, several mobile applications have been created to help manage the real estate agencies themselves and to communicate with customers. Let’s see why every real estate agency should use a mobile application to make its communications more effective.

Why a Mobile Application?

A mobile application for your brokers or your agency, allows you to get closer to your customers or potential ones. It allows you to interact with them more directly and more effectively. You will certainly offer them something unique, which will differentiate you and reward you.

Real Estate agent interacting with clients

All portals and sites of real estate agencies see the web as their natural place. The app is an added value. Its features take advantage of new unified communications mobility. Here are some ways an application can be used by a real estate agency:

  1. Complete and Functional Property Cards - They must present both the properties and the possibilities of contact with a simple tap. It is important to put a lot of emphasis on the photos, which must be bright and of high quality, and to add clear and functional descriptions to the ads. The icons to call, to send an email, to save the tab in your favorites and to forward the ad to other contacts must be well in view. In most cases purchases are made by a couple, so a card is almost always shared.
  2. Open House - One of the most popular services in real estate is the Open House for e free visits, without appointment. This type of initiative can also be promoted through the mobile application. Create an event and give customers the chance to sign up or save a reminder on the calendar of their smartphone. In this case, we need to integrate not only the map, which is also fundamental here, but also the calendar.
  3. Notifications for Updates - The above events, as well as the inclusion of new properties in a certain area, can be communicated to customers with a push notification. It is not up to them to enter the app to see the news, it is the news that reaches them. In this regard, you could also activate an alert service to send a notification to customers when there are opportunities of interest to them. Calling or even sending individual emails as soon as you have the availability of a new property saves you a lot of time. With automatic settings, it becomes simple and fast. You don’t have to do anything... just answer the phone when you are contacted!
  4. Comprehensive One-App Communications Management - Managing customer communications when using many different channels (emails, SMS, Whatsapp, calls) is not always simple. It may cause confusion and some data may get lost.This will not be the case if you decide to use an application that groups all communication channels together.

Your office communication tools are at your fingertips with the Evatel mobile application.

Real Estate agent using the Evatel mobile app

Speech Mobility developed an innovative and secure phone system. The Evatel mobile application allows brokers to manage their business communications without compromising their privacy. Phone calls and text messages display the business number and not the private cell phone number.

All your phone conversations, SMS and emails are grouped with your office communications to be accessible everywhere you go.

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