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Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate Agency

Do you have a real estate agency? Are your days filled by the thousand activities you have to do on your own? Yet you don’t want to hire a person and you don’t find any other way to delegate. Have you ever thought about using the help of a virtual assistant?

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The virtual assistant is a professional solution to help you complete more tasks. By doing so, the virtual assistant is helping you save time and money. If you want to learn more about this, read this article.

Why Choose a Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate Agency?

Anyone who has experience in the real estate sector knows how the days go in a real estate agency: appointments to be scheduled, properties to be listed on portals, changes to be made on the web site, advertising to prepare and update, etc.

Customers are increasingly demanding, but one cannot improvise and the activities to be carried out are many. Then why not delegate some tasks to a virtual assistant and focus on the most profitable activities that can help you grow your agency and consequently your revenues?

Are you still questioning the usefulness of a virtual assistant in a real estate agency? Here are some activities that the virtual assistant or a marketing consultant can do to make your job easier and more efficient.

1.Managing Calendar and Emails

Do you have little time to manage your emails and feel that you risk missing out on important messages and sales opportunities? Your virtual assistant can filter your calls based on your instructions and forward to you only those that require your attention. Also using a tool like Microsoft or Google Calendar, the real estate agent can create and manage their appointments but how can they check them when they are driving?

2.Sending the Newsletter to Customers

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Do you want to send a newsletter to your customers once a week but you don’t have time to do it? A marketing consultant can help you create content or prepare it for you to promote your real estate agency. Then you can schedule the newsletter and choose the right time to send it. In addition, a marketing consultant can periodically check your mailing list, update contacts and remove those who are not active or not interested in your emails.

3.Social Media Management

Agencies often fail to update their social media profiles or pages periodically due to so many activities to do. A marketing consultant could create and program content on a daily basis. They can also respond to messages and comments from users and forward to the appropriate real estate broker any potential clients who might be interested in buying or selling a property.

4.Update your Site or Blog

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You can’t update your web site and you haven’t published articles in months? Your marketing consultant can keep your site and your blog updated by preparing and inserting the articles, sharing them on the various social networks and groups, updating your real estate list or making the necessary changes and updates to the site.

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