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8 Telephony Innovations for Real Estate Agencies

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The Key to Success

Differentiate Yourself from Other Agencies

Differentiation with Clients

To remain competitive, real estate agencies must continually innovate to better serve their brokers and clients with faster response times. Driven to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues, real estate agencies must integrate advanced technologies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Why not offer more value-added services to serve the needs of customers who became more demanding?

Differentiation with Brokers

To attract the best brokers, real estate agencies devote a significant portion of their budget to advertising and sales support tools.

Why not differentiate yourself and take the lead? Consider modern communication tools to attract and retain the best real estate brokers.

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Can Telephony Help Agencies Differentiate Themselves?

You are Already Investing a Lot

As an agency manager, you are constantly pushed to improve your technological tools to better manage phone calls, text messages (SMS), faxes and appointment scheduling. This is in addition to the receptionist services and support to finalize transactions (notaries, inspections, mortgages, etc.). You must have noticed that technologies in your sector evolve very quickly. You certainly have a telephone system, a receptionist, a fax machine and many cellphones in addition to using software for email and contact management, And finally, you have probably subscribed to a telephone answering service to manage calls received when the agency is closed.

Traditional Telephony No Longer Meets Today's Needs

Speaking of your telephone system and your fax machine, you may wonder why they still have not evolved over the past several years, But they are the tools you use the most in your profession. For example, you cannot receive text messages (SMS) on your business phone lines. Faxes received at the office are not accessible from the outside, on mobile devices for instance. You cannot program a call transfer based on the day and time of call, or based on the person who calls. Fortunately, there are solutions to eliminate such constraints.

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A New Generation of Phone Systems is Here

Looking closely, we realize that your phone, the most important tool of your agency, is probably your handicap. Rather than helping you be more productive and generate more revenues, it is slowing you down. A good phone system can not only fix your problems, but it can also become a differentiator to attract the top performing brokers in the market. By choosing a technologically superior product, you add great value to the services you provide to your clients and brokers. You can be demanding and expect more from your business telephony. The good news is that a new generation of phone systems specifically designed for real estate agencies has arrived in the market. They are smart, mobile and safe on the road.

8 Telephony Innovations


Brokers are more easily accessible thanks to an intelligent virtual receptionist.


Communicate with your customers using text messages from your office number.


Personalized customer greeting and intelligent call forwarding thanks to a virtual voice assistant.


Access all your business communications (calls, fax and SMS) from anywhere with a mobile application.


No risk of missing out on opportunities with the automatic transfer of calls to the answering service after hours.


Time saving with voice messages and faxes by email and on the mobile app.


End conflicts with brokers thanks to the automatic and fair distribution of new customer calls to the agent on duty.


Easier follow-ups on opportunities thanks to detailed call logs.

Virtual Receptionist with Voice Recognition

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The Office In the Car

Provide a voice assistant to your brokers and customers for their safety while driving.

Make Brokers More Easily Accessible to Clients

Thanks to the speech recognition integrated into the virtual receptionist service, your customers can reach your brokers by name more easily and safely on the road.

Enhance the Image of your Agency

Virtual voice receptionist services were reserved for very large companies that can afford the high costs of this technology. Thanks to its cloud-based deployment, this technology has become affordable for smaller businesses. From now on, you can offer this high-end service to your clients and brokers without going into debt.

Lower your Costs

Let your receptionist spend more time on self-fulfilling high value-added tasks instead of routinely answering and transferring calls to brokers.

Text Messages from the Office Number

Business SMS is Here

89% of customers prefer texting over email or phone. Are you ready to address this need?

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Accept SMS Text Messages on your Agency Numbers

Customers appreciate communicating using text messages. Real estate brokers know this. They often find themselves using their cellphones to communicate with their clients or other brokers. In doing so, they lose control of their privacy and risk receiving texts and phone calls at any time of the day or night. Why not offer them text messaging on the agency’s business lines.

Preserve your Privacy

Protect the confidentiality of mobile phone numbers while using cell phones to receive and make business calls.

Protecting the Agency's Clients

Agencies invest a lot in advertising and promotion to recruit customers and refer them to their brokers. Without business texting, brokers are often forced to use their own cellphones to communicate with clients, but what if the broker leaves the agency? Agency owners do not want their clients to continue doing business with brokers who are no longer with their agency. Business texts help maintain contact across the agency.

Smart Call Reception and Forwarding

Intelligent Call Management for Dynamic Brokers

The most successful brokers are mobile. They are in the office, on a visit or on the road. Help them maintain their productivity by managing their customers anywhere and securely.

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Personalized Customer Greeting

Add a personal touch to your communications by welcoming your clients and partners by name and in their language.

Safe Driving

Brokers can drive and answer their calls safely with caller name announcements. This feature allows them to know the name of the caller before deciding to take the call or send it to voicemail.

Focus on the Essential

With smart call filtering, brokers will be able to answer their important customers’ calls without wasting time on unsolicited ones.

One Number for Calls, Faxes and Text Messages

Make Brokers Easily Reachable with a Smart Number

A single number is sufficient to call, text or send a fax to your brokers or agency.

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Centralize all your communications - phone calls, faxes and text messages - on your office number. Customers will need to remember a single number to communicate with your agency and brokers.

Access all your Messages In One Place

Your voicemail, faxes and text messages are easily accessible from different touchpoints: on the web portal, the mobile app or by phone. This will simplify message management and speed up the response time to customers and partners.

Lower Costs

With cloud Internet telephony, you will make significant savings on telephone costs including long distance and roaming charges.

Automatic Call Transfer to your Night Answering Service

Empower your Customers and Partners

Your customers and partners will feel important when they hear your virtual assistant tell them that you are ready to take their urgent calls even after hours.

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Calls Automatically Transferred to the Answering Service

Like many other real estate agencies, you are probably dealing with a call center like Stericycle (TigerTel) or Immocontact (Touchbase) for your answering service. If so, your receptionist must have learned to transfer agency calls before leaving the office. Not anymore. New phone systems with built-in virtual assistants automatically transfer calls to the answering service. No risk of missing out on opportunities.

Lower Broker Costs

There is no need for your brokers to incur the costs of a separate answering service to handle their calls received outside of agency hours.

Voicemail and Faxes on Mobile App and Email

Paperless Fax

Save on phone lines, fax machines and paper while improving service quality and helping the environment.

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For easier management and greater confidentiality, brokers receive voice messages and faxes on their mobile app and by email directly in their inbox.

Productivity on the Go

Easy and convenient access to voice messages and faxes on the web, the mobile app, from the mailbox or by phone using voice commands or phone keypad. One mailbox to check for all communications.

Better Message Management

Brokers can organize their voicemail and faxes into folders, archive them or forward them to their clients and colleagues.

Fair Distribution of Leads to Brokers

Be Fair with all Members of your Team

Implement a fair and transparent Duty Agent service to avoid conflicts that could be caused by arbitrary call distribution.

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Good brokers like to be part of an agency that invests in advertising to ensure good visibility and attract clients. They also expect to receive their fair share of new prospects who contact the agency. Which agent will get the best “leads”? Is it the friend of the person who answered the call? An arbitrary distribution of new prospects would cause conflicts and scare away the best performing brokers.

Duty Agent Service

The best agencies use a call distribution grid to ensure fairness and transparency. But even with such a grid, how can we make sure that calls are transferred according to the rules. There is nothing better than an automatic call distribution system to manage this function and keep track of all transfers made.

The Duty Agent module ensures the fair and transparent distribution of new customer calls to agents.

Detailed Call Logs for Better Follow-Up

Close More Sales

With detailed call logs and a smooth integration with your CRM contacts, your customer relationship will be at its best.

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Faster Follow-Up with your Prospects

Don't give your prospects time to go to your competitors. The call logs enable you to know about all your calls made and received, whether answered or not. You can text or call back with a single click on the web, a tap on the mobile app, or by asking the assistant to call the person back.

Communications Integrated with your CRM Contacts

The phone system can connect to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform such as Salesforce or Insightly to log your communications including phone calls, voicemail, faxes, text messages, call recordings, etc. You will have a complete view of your interactions with your customers. In addition, you can text or call your contacts directly from your CRM.

About Evatel

Evatel is the first cloud phone system powered by a virtual assistant. With its user-centric design, its voice interface and its integration with popular collaboration tools, Evatel makes business communications smarter, more mobile and safer on the road.

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Intelligent call forwarding


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Safe driving using voice commands


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