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How voice messages have changed the way we communicate

From day one, voice mail has been a great success and has become a real priority in our "virtual" daily life: voice messages are an essential convenience that brings with it obvious advantages. Many companies, including real estate agencies, have been able to discover this comfort in recent years and have started to use it with their customers. The result is a faster and easier communication.

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Mobile App for Real Estate Brokers: The Advantages

Technology has always been a loyal ally of real estate agents but it is necessary that real estate professionals are always kept up to date. In recent years, several mobile applications have been created to help manage the real estate agencies themselves and to communicate with customers. Let’s see why every real estate agency should use a mobile application to make its communications more effective.

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A New Communication Era for Real Estate Agencies

The real estate sector, like other service businesses, has always relied on direct contact with people. If in the past, the relationship between a real estate agent and clients was almost exclusively by telephone and/or by appointment at the agency, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, the rhythms of today’s professional life force us to optimize our time and actions, including communications.

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Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate Agency

Do you have a real estate agency? Are your days filled by the thousand activities you have to do on your own? Yet you don’t want to hire a person and you don’t find any other way to delegate. Have you ever thought about using the help of a virtual assistant?

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Business SMS is here. Enjoy it.

SMS Affaires

Do you know that it is now possible to send and receive SMS on business phone lines? The same number on which you receive phone calls and faxes. Let's see how it works and why it's important.

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