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happy new year

Happy New Year 2021

After going through this difficult year, we hope that you were able to rest and have some good time with your loved ones during the holiday season whether in presence or at a distance.

We wish you the best for this new year of hope that begins.

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2 lessons learned from 2020

The 2 lessons learned from 2020

Lesson 1: Let's be virtual.

Future is unpredictable. Let's be ready to work from anywhere without compromising our privacy.

For Canadians who were lucky to continue working in 2020, the majority favor flexible working, a mix between office life and telecommuting.

According to a study by Maru / Blue, nearly 25% of Canadians surveyed prefer office work, the other 25% work from home and the remaining half prefer a mix of 2. We notice that the biggest challenge of working from home is that of communication tools which must adapt to mobility needs. The telephone, the computer, the desk and chair and the virtual meetings.

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Happy Holidays! Speech Mobility

Phew! Finally 2020 ends. We hope you are well.

Phew! Finally 2020 ends. We hope you are well. This has been a tough year for many of us, we have had to show selflessness, sacrifice for the greater good and we have dealt with illness.

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The Best Places for Real Estate Around the World

The three most important rules of real estate are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

It is all about location ladies and gentleman.If you are not making real money in real estate where you are, it might be time to pack your bags and head over to one of the following locations in the United States:

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What’s the difference between passive income and freedom ?

The Answer: Nothing. Earning passive income helps set you free !

What am I talking about?

Picture this. Not having enough money to do what you love. Being stuck at a job you hate.It happens, and you should take an honest look at your life to make sure this is not you.

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