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2 lessons learned from 2020

The 2 lessons learned from 2020

Lesson 1: Let's be virtual.

Future is unpredictable. Let's be ready to work from anywhere without compromising our privacy.

For Canadians who were lucky to continue working in 2020, the majority favor flexible working, a mix between office life and telecommuting.

According to a study by Maru / Blue, nearly 25% of Canadians surveyed prefer office work, the other 25% work from home and the remaining half prefer a mix of 2. We notice that the biggest challenge of working from home is that of communication tools which must adapt to mobility needs. The telephone, the computer, the desk and chair and the virtual meetings.

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Lesson 2: Health first.

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When our health and that of our loved ones is at risk, nothing else matters. We stop and think. We realize that we can work, enjoy family time and save the planet at the same time.

The most surprising thing about this study is that 9 in 10 Canadians think that flexible working makes them happier and allows them to improve their work-life balance. Thus, more than 80% believe that they are more efficient and that they feel healthier because they have more free time to exercise and change their ideas.

Flexible working could therefore be the key to a more balanced life. Less time in commuting and more time at work and with family. Have we finally found the formula that will fulfill our wishes for health, happiness and prosperity? To be continued ...

And you, what lessons have you learned from 2020?

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