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happy new year

Happy New Year 2021

After going through this difficult year, we hope that you were able to rest and have some good time with your loved ones during the holiday season whether in presence or at a distance.

We wish you the best for this new year of hope that begins.

May this year also be a bearer of solidarity. Let us join forces to meet the challenges that lie ahead and face the future more calmly.

In 2021, many of us will continue to work remotely, juggling between home and office work while  keeping pace with health measures.

Our office has become more mobile, we have adapted to this new reality, we are now trained to use new remote working methods and collaborative tools.

This year, we will continue to improve our teleworking skills for better efficiency and productivity.

Communication is changing. With our colleagues, customers and partners, our goal is to communicate, collaborate and share more closely and from a distance.

This is why at Speech Mobility, we have worked on innovations that provide the appropriate answers to these new mobility and communication challenges, solutions that we will be happy to present to you soon.

The whole team wishes you a very happy new year 2021.

Best wishes to you all !

happy new year 2021 speech mobility



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