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7 Criteria to Select Your Next Phone System

7 Criteria to Select Your Next Phone System

It’s not that long ago that our business communications tools were limited to the deskphone, fax, and voicemail. Today, with the arrival of mobile telephony, emails, and text messages, work isn’t limited to our physical offices.

In addition to the phone and fax, we have to communicate by email, mobile phone, text messages, and social media.

Clients expect to reach us easily and get quick answers anywhere and anytime. We have to do more. Answer faster. From the office, the restaurant, or on the road. To do so, it is crucial to not only manage the multitude of communication tools at the office, but also to access them easily and safely when we are out of the office. The starting point is a good phone system that adapts to the growing needs of a demanding clientele.

How to select your next phone system?

Here is what you should expect in your new phone system:

1. Unique Number for All Your Communications

Your clients memorize one number to call you, text you, or send you faxes. Your messages must be accessible from everywhere: your email, on the Web, and on your mobile phone.

2. Smart Call Management

The system must be smart enough to filter your calls based on who is calling you and when. This way, it could send calls from your clients and colleagues to your mobile and ask your friends and family members if their call is important before letting them through. All other calls could go to a colleague or your voicemail.

3. Complete Mobility - Your Office Everywhere

Business mobility is not limited to call forwarding to your mobile or accessing your emails on a PC or phone. You should ask for more. Demand to have all your office tools at your fingertips everywhere you go. A good phone system must enable you to make and receive phone calls and text messages on your mobile or PC. All your communications should display your unique business number.

4. Safe Mobility for Your Employees and Clients

The safety of your employees and clients should be a top priority when shopping for your next phone system. The use of mobile phones while driving is an important cause of accidents and deaths on the road. Provide your employees and clients with a system that can be used hands-free to listen to messages, call contacts, send text messages, and know who’s calling before taking a call. Demand that the system be equipped with a voice receptionist for your customers to reach your employees and services by name while driving safely. Voice recognition technology is sufficiently mature to provide safe navigation without touching or looking at phone dial pads.

5. Easy Management from Everywhere

The modern world is shifting toward the cloud. Programs, data, and communications are stored on the Internet and managed on the Web with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. Your next phone system should not be an exception. It should be in the cloud and allow you to easily manage calls, text messages, voicemail and faxes from anywhere.

6. Adapted to Your Specific Needs

Cloud communication systems provide more than easy access from anywhere. They provide the flexibility to adapt the system to your specific needs. Ask that your system speaks your business language (English and/or French) and adapts to your business. The needs of a real estate agency are different than those of a medical clinic, why would we use the same rigid system for both?

7. Progresses With Your Business

One of the main benefits of cloud phone systems is their scalability, but some suppliers still push the same rigid solutions of old PBXs. Ask for the flexibility to change the size and features of your system at any time. Expect to benefit from the most recent innovations without additional fees. Expect services that evolve and improve transparently.

Moral of the story: You don’t have to live with the restrictions of old phone systems. Click to Tweet The new generation of cloud business telephony is here and it is available to you at lower prices than traditional PBXs.


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