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FAQ - Evatel Resellers

All your FAQ Questions Answered.

1. What is the Evatel product?

Evatel is a cloud-based business phone system with a virtual assistant to manage communications intelligently and efficiently. Evatel offers a multitude of advanced features such as a unique number for phone calls, text messages and faxes; intelligent call filtering that redirects important calls to the requested employees and services and sends others back to voicemail; a mobile app to manage all office communications on the go; and several other unique features including a personal assistant offering voice commands to listen to messages and emails, check the calendar and call contacts and colleagues simply by name. The solution integrates with Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 messaging systems. Click Evatel Features to discover the many features of the Evatel system.

2. Who is the Evatel target customer?

The Evatel product is aimed at companies that want to grow and remain competitive. The system improves customer service while increasing the productivity of the sales force. Evatel is also the ideal companion for professionals who want to better manage their business while protecting their private life.

3. How does the Evatel reseller program work?

Speech Mobility has developed a high-paying program dedicated to resellers of telephone solutions in Canada and the United States who want to offer an innovative business communication technology at very competitive prices.

4. Who can become a reseller?

Any Internet provider or phone system reseller in Canada or the United States may become an Evatel reseller.

5. Why a reseller program?

The reseller program has been created to enable Internet service providers and PBX resellers to offer the new generation of business telephony: innovative, feature-rich and safe for mobile users. The Evatel reseller program is ideal for those who want to differentiate themselves by offering an innovative solution with high added value.

6. What are the benefits of being an Evatel reseller?

The Evatel reseller program offers an easy to sell product with up to 35% margins. You'll deliver a superior, unified communications solution that displays your brand and pricing. By becoming an Evatel reseller, you will stand out with innovative communications services and increase your recurring revenues. Your customers will be very satisfied because they get what they have always wanted and more: efficiency, productivity, safe mobility, branding and savings. This allows you to increase your recurring revenues and protect your customer base.

7. How to become a reseller?

Very simple. Contact us by phone at (514) 765-8490 or fill out this short contact form. One of our representatives will contact you to start your enrollment. We are confident that you will find an arrangement that meets your needs.

8. What are the Evatel subscription packages?

You have the package for companies (Evatel Biz) and the package of professionals (Evatel Pro) complemented with a choice of optional features and major brand telephone devices. Each basic package includes a business phone line with SMS, fax and 911 service, and a user license. Once the account is created, you can use the web portal to add users, numbers, a virtual voice receptionist, options such as call recording, voicemail transcription, call queues, groups, message sharing, etc.

9. How much do Evatel services cost?

Evatel services are offered to you at very attractive monthly subscription  rates: $29.95 for the Evatel Biz, a package perfectly sufficient for a company with one employee, and $14.95 for each additional employee. As a reseller, you get up to 35% off the suggested selling price. You can then customize your offer with your own prices and your brand.

10. How to integrate Evatel packages into my service offer?

The services are fully hosted and managed by Speech Mobility. One of our advisors will work with you to integrate Evatel into your service offering. You have access to online help to set up and use your Evatel services. Go to online help portal to learn more.

11. Can I set the price at which I sell the Evatel services?

Absolutely. The advantage of this reseller program is that you decide the price at which you sell Evatel services.

12. Can I customize the Evatel product?

Yes, you can customize how you market the Evatel services. The packages can not only be offered at the prices that you sert, mails they can also carry the name and description you want with the logo and the colors of your choice

13. What is the billing method? How will I be paid?

Speech Mobility bills you the discounted reseller prices for the products and services you sell.. The invoice includes details of what is billable to your customers. For your customers, you can choose one of three billing methods: either we bill your customers on your behalf, collect credit card payments and deposit funds into your bank account, or we send you customers’ bills and you bill them, or we bill your customers, collect payments and pay you your reseller share.

14. Do I have to sign a contract with Speech Mobility?

Yes, you have to accept the terms and conditions of an online reseller agreement that outlines your commitments as well as those of Speech Mobility. In short, you agree to promote and sell Evatel products and services in your market and Speech Mobility agrees to provide you quality solutions and professional technical and sales support. Go to the Evatel partner website to find out more.

15. Are there other partnership programs?

Yes, there are 3 partnership programs: referral, reseller and service provider. As a reseller, we recommend you launch your own Evatel Referral Program and create your network of independent agents who will recommend you to customers. They will earn many rewards and recurring revenues without much effort. Your agents can refer friends and acquaintances. Visit the Evatel Referral Program to learn more.

16. How can I get help?

Go to the Evatel Partner Site to access many resources and tools on the reseller program. If you have any questions, contact us by email at or by calling +1 (514) 765-8490



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