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Speech Mobility @ Stratégies PME 2016

Speech Mobility @ Stratégies PME

Recognized as an expert in telecom and telephony, Speech Mobility was invited to present its innovations to the visitors of Stratégies PME, the biggest event for Quebec SMBs.


Full house at our conference

Profitez des nouvelles technologies de télécommunication: savez-vous tout ce qui est maintenant possible? It’s the title of the conference we gave in front of a full house. The objective: showcase the evolution of communication tools for businesses that meet their growing needs to be competitive facing an increasingly demanding clientele. The content of this presentation is in our blog article 7 Criteria to Select Your Next Phone System.

Launch of our referral program

Stratégies PME marked the launch of our brand new referral program, The program allows for people like you to get rewarded for every new customer referred to Speech Mobility. It’s easy and it pays!


Great encounters

The richness of Stratégies PME stems from its quality participants and experts from diverse industries. As for us, we had great encounters and anticipate some lasting partnerships.

A big thank you to those who came to our conference and to our booth as well as to the organisers of Stratégies PME, their sponsors and partners.

See you at the 6th edition on November 29th and 30th in 2017!

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