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Evatel Can Help You Win More Business

EVATEL, a new cloud phone system powered by a virtual assistant.

You may ask: What's the big deal about Evatel? Isn't it just another phone system? The answer is: Yes and No.

Yes, Evatel is a powerful cloud phone system

It has everything you would expect in a modern IP phone and more. Cloud business phone, Auto-attendant, Call waiting and 3 way conferencing, Smart call forwarding, Voice and fax messages by e-mail, Choice of telephone devices, Voicemail transcription, Call recording, Integration with Office 365, Google and Salesforce, etc.

But it also has a built-in virtual assistant

Evatel is powered by a virtual assistant in the cloud that makes business communications smart, mobile and safe on the road. Just imagine an assistant built into the phone system, that greets callers by name and forwards them to the right person or department quickly and efficiently based on customer instructions and staff availability. Imagine all business communications - phone, voicemail, text messages, call logs and contacts - available to users everywhere they go: at the office, in public places and while driving safely.

  • Virtual receptionist with voice recognition
  • SMS and fax on the office number
  • Hands-free voicemail using speech
  • Voice dialing by name
  • Schedule-based call filtering and forwarding
  • Voice access to emails and calendar
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android
  • User-friendly Web portal
  • Intelligent call dispatching
  • Accessible for workers with disabilities
  • Voice access to call logs

Evatel is Reseller-Ready

Evatel is designed with resellers in mind. It will enable you to develop longer, more profitable relationships with your customers.

  1. Self-Service for quick deployment and easy-of-use
  2. White Label for flexible brand display
  3. Robustness and Reliability provided by a solid product architecture
  4. Serve Users Everywhere at work, on the road and in public places
  5. Business SMS to meet new business communications needs
  6. Business Mobility for people working everywhere even while driving
  7. Call Management to increase the productivity of busy workers
  8. Accessibility to make the workplace more inclusive
  9. Application Development to address vertical markets & special opportunities
  10. Integrations to provide true unified communications

Evatel Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

What if you had a full-featured cloud phone solution that can also serve as a value-added platform for Cisco BroadWorks? The best of both worlds: competitive cloud phone system or enhanced services for Cisco BroadWorks.

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